Autonomous Weighing WOW

Get accurate, consistent weight data on your livestock without the hassle of manually weighing your animals. Tru-Test Walk Over Weighing works with daily animal routines to automate weight collection, generating powerful insights to help you better manage your operation.  

Accurate animal weights without a person in sight.

Save time & labour by removing the need to manually gather livestock to collect weight.
Works seamlessly with animal routines to integrate weighing into daily activities.
Improve herd management by maximising production and efficiency of feeding regimes.
Enhance animal welfare by identifying weight loss early and reducing animal stress by less yard time.
  • Placed near a water source or using an attractant, livestock quickly adjust to weighing themselves daily by walking over, or on, the Walk Over Weighing (WOW) structure.

    Delivering accurate, real-time insights and data based on individual animal weights and group averages, the system is a combination of sophisticated, yet practical algorithms and robust hardware.

  • Designed with ease-of-use and efficiency in mind, it is built to remove the guesswork from managing cattle.

    Available in two models with varying specifications to suit any livestock operation, the Datamars Livestock team has extensive industry experience and provides ongoing support to ensure Tru-Test Walk Over Weighing (WOW) is used to its full potential.

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Autonomous Weighing (WOW) Brochure

How it works 

How it works step 1
Place the unit near an attractant such as water or supplement for walk over weighing.
How it works step 2
Depending on the configuration, livestock walk across or on to the weigh platform.
How it works step 3
The electronic identification ear tag is scanned and the animal weight is matched to this.
How it works step 4
Algorithms calculate the animal's liveweight and adjusts for gutfill.
How it works step 5
Data is processed and delivered through online software, Datamars Livestock, that translated daily weighing data into easy-to-understand reports and charts.
How it works step 6
Powerful insights are generated to help identify trends and better manage your livestock year-round.
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