Our weighing products are powerful performance measurement tools to help you make critical decisions about feed, health treatments and herd size. 


Take the guesswork out of weighing 

Product icon - Track Performance
Easily monitor weight gains to ensure livestock are sold at optimum weight grade.
Product icon - Reproduction
Maximise reproductive performance with simple offspring weight gain monitoring.
Product icon - Animal Health
Enhance livestock health and minimise treatment waste with more accurate dosage.
Product icon - Insights
Identify sick or lame animals early with accurate data-informed insights.


Product Overview

Select the Weigh Scale Indicator that suits your needs.

  Model Integrated Bluetooth Record Weights & ID Tags Store other information Analysis Drafting
XR5000 Yes 1 million Up to 100 traits Advanced 10-way manual/auto
ID5000 Yes 1 million Up to 5 traits Advanced 5-way manual/auto
EziWeigh7i Yes 100 weighing sessions and 20,000 records Record notes for each individual animal Weight gain & statistics     3-way manual
S3 Yes Unlimited on Data Link phone app Designed to be integrated with third party management software

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