Electronic Identification (EID Readers)

Tru-Test EID Readers give you the ability to better track and manage the performance of individual animals, delivering valuable information about your livestock to inform decision-making.

Better manage your individual animals 

Product icon - Track Performance
Track animals’ weight history over time to identify good and bad performers.
Product icon - Profit
Manage the input of your valuable resources to maximise your profits.
Product icon - Insights
Gain insights to help inform your animal health, mating and culling decisions.


Product Overview

  Model Keypad Memory Bluetooth Info
XRS2/XRS2i Stick Reader Alphanumeric, navigation 1,000,000 Yes Electronic ID
Visual Tag
15 custom fields
SRS2/SRS2i Stick Reader Navigation only 250,000 Yes Electronic ID
Visual Tag displayed
XRP2/XRP2i Panel Reader & Antenna Daylight viewable screen
20,000 Yes Record tags or send to weigh scale or
GES3S Reader Alphanumeric, colour display 1,000,000 Yes Electronic ID
Visual Tag displayed
Tracking-1 Reader Clearcut
TracKing-1 Reader Colour display 4,000 Optional Download recorded data

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